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Brunei athletes’ express pride after Olympic Games debuts
Wednesday, August 25, 2021
FROM LEFT: File photo of Brunei Darussalam national athletes Muhammad Isa bin Haji Ahmad; and Muhammad Noor Firdaus Ar-Rasyid bin Haji Md Idris. PHOTOS: JAMES KON

Brunei Darussalam national athletes Muhammad Isa bin Haji Ahmad and Muhammad Noor Firdaus Ar-Rasyid bin Haji Md Idris expressed pride in representing the country in the recently-held 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

National swimmer Muhammad Isa took to the pool in the 100m breaststroke event at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre while national sprinter Muhammad Noor Firdaus Ar-Rasyid competed in the 200m event at the Olympic Stadium.

Muhammad Isa said, “I’m forever grateful and honoured to have represented Brunei at the Olympics. As I have been saying, it’s a huge progression for such a young and small country.”

The 23-year-old received endorsement from international swimming body FINA (International Swimming Federation) to become the sole swimmer to represent the country.

Muhammad Isa’s Olympics debut provided Brunei’s sporting scene a major boost and also served as an opportunity for national athletes to showcase their talents at the highest level.

The swimmer said, “We may not have Olympic A or B times, made the finals or earned medal at the Olympics but being able to compete at a such prestigious event is a huge step for Brunei’s sports community.”

The national record holder clocked a time of 1:08.65s to become only the second swimmer to represent the country at the prestigious Olympics after Anderson Lim in 2012 in London.

Meanwhile, fellow compatriot and national sprinter Muhammad Isa joined a latest line of athletes specialising in track events including Maziah Mahusin in 2012 and the duo of Fakhri Ismail and Maizurah Abdul Rahim in 2016.

Both Muhammad Isa and Muhammad Noor Firdaus were able to make their final preparations in their sporting venues ahead of competition.

Muhammad Noor Firdaus said of his training experience at the Olympic Stadium, “Alhamdulillah I had the opportunity to do my training sessions at the Olympic Stadium, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.”

He continued, “The feeling was surreal when I stepped into the stadium with one goal to represent Brunei at this game.”

The national record holder added that he was in full focus and kept a positive spirit ahead of his race.

Muhammad Noor Firdaus went on to record a season best time of 21.83s in the heats round.

Courtesy from Borneo Bulletin