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BDNOC Funding

BDNOC will continue to distribute substantial funding to National Sports Association / Federation which are of Summer Olympic Sports to help with their financial burden. The funding source will be resource from Oympic Solidarity under International Olympic Committee. Types of financial support grant allocated are Coaching Course, Technical Course, Athletes Training Assistance and etc.

Olympic Solidarity is the body responsible for managing and administering the share of the television rights of the Olympic Games that is allocated to the National Olympic Committees (NOCs). It exercises this responsibility in accordance with the specific programmes of technical and financial assistance approved by the Olympic Solidarity Commission. It assists the NOCs and the Continental Associations with their efforts for the development of sport through programmes carefully devised to match their specific needs and priorities.

"The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to organise assistance to NOCs, in particular those which have the greatest need of it. This assistance takes the form of programmes elaborated jointly by the IOC and the NOCs, with the technical assistance of the IFs, if necessary."
Rule 5, Olympic Charter
Olympic Solidarity, whose origins go back to the 1960's, reflects the Olympic ethics of which the basic notions are generosity, understanding and international co-operation, cultural exchanges, the development of sport and its educational aspects and the promotion of a society concerned with human dignity and peace.