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National athletes represent Brunei in Wushu championship
Saturday, August 4, 2018
National Wushu athletes Mohd Sufi Shayiran bin Roslan and Ang Guat Lian with national coach Li Hui . – JAMES KON

NATIONAL Wushu athletes Mohd Sufi Shayiran bin Roslan and Ang Guat Lian competed in the Nangun and Tajuquan events at the 2018 FISU World University Wushu Championship yesterday.

The event is currently taking place in Macau, China.

Mohd Sufi Shayiran finished sixth in the Nangun event with a score of 9.02. Japan’s Asayama Yoshitaka took first place with a score of 9.41 followed by Macau’s Chio Wai Keong with 9.39, Indonesia’s William Ajinata with 9.36, Turkey’s Kalayci Halil with 9.28 and Russia’s Altyshev Artem with 9.27.

Meanwhile, Ang Guat Lian finished fifth in the Tajiquan event with a score of nine. China’s Wang Xiaohui won first place with 9.56 points followed by Hong Kong’s Juanita Mok with 9.55, Malaysia’s Sydney Chin with 9.30 and Indonesia’s Kamilia Lituhayu with 9.23.

“Sufi and Guat Lian tried their best. Sufi’s movement was good but he made mistakes during his performance. For today’s event, Sufi will compete in Nanquan while Guat Lian will compete in Taichi jian,” said National Wushu Coach Li Hui.

Courtesy from Borneo Bulletin