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Be positive, SEA Games-bound athletes told
Friday, July 28, 2017
Diny Haji Karim emphasised the athletes will be making a name for Brunei Darussalam in the regional scene. – FADHIL YUNUS

THE athletes who will be making their regional foray in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games have been reminded that they will be representing the country and not only on a lower level, according to a motivational guest speaker last night.

Athletes and officials from the Brunei Darussalam Athletics Federation (BDAF) attended a lecture and motivational programme for SEA Games-bound athletes loosely entitled ‘Bekarih Bejarih Belurih’ along the vicinity of the Coaching and Sports Development Unit of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium.

“You will be putting Brunei Darussalam in the regional map when you compete overseas,” said Diny Haji Karim, an invited guest speaker who is also the Managing Director of Di’s Brain Adventure.

He also said when an athlete is embarking on a challenge they should not stop at it and continue to fight and do not hesitate while staying confident of pursuing the challenge.

Diny told the athletes that they should be reminded they will be providing a service to the nation as firstly they are the chosen individuals.

He said that with the whole nation behind them, they should use it to shoot their confidence level and as long as they are a huge number of people rooting for them the more reason for them to be more spirited in their quest for success.

The guest speaker also added that athletes should also respond to critics with the positive possible way by proving them wrong and show they could accomplish the feat despite being surrounded with uncertainty.

“You should do it when others don’t believe that you can do it. Once you return, if you win gold let alone silver or bronze, believe me, you will have the widest smile on your face,” he said.

He also revealed that every time a person utters along the lines of “maybe”, “do not know”, “fear”, it will be portrayed as a negative connotation.

He said the athletes will be under the spotlight with hundreds of thousands of Bruneians cheering them on and should channel their energy towards the magnitude of the support.

“Think positive, talk positive and do not ever doubt yourself,” said the motivation speaker.

“You also have to watch out what you say because it may also create a negative impact,” he further added.

He also advised athletes never to give up and attempt as many tries as they can.

Courtesy from Borneo Bulletin