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Medals galore for Brunei Wushu delegation
Monday, December 26, 2016
A group photo of the Brunei Wushu delegation with their medals. – JAMES KON

THE Brunei Wushu delegation yesterday collected nine gold, four silver and five bronze medals at the 3rd Sarawak Invitational Wushu Championship among schools held in Miri, Sarawak.

Ericsson Bong Cheng Loong was at his best after bagging three gold in the Gunshu, Daoshu and Sanlu events.

Li Zi Yan added more to Brunei’s tally with two gold medals in Sanlu Changquan and 1st Routine Changquan.

Another young wushu exponent, Chu Ching Weng collected a gold medal in the Freestyle Gunshu as well as silver in the Freestyle Daoshu event and bronze in the Freestyle Changquan.

Foo Jiong Liang won gold in Nanquan, silver in Nandao and bronze in the Nangun event while Basma Lachkar and Muhd Hadi Mustaqim won gold in the 24 Taiji Quan and Traditional Taiji, respectively.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Ho Chi Yuan bagged two silvers in the Chuji Daoshu and Chuji Gunshou events.

Walid Lachkar took two bronze in the Sanlu Changquan and Chuji Daoshu while Mek Jen Rui received bronze in the Gunshu event.

Courtesy from Borneo Bulletin