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See awarded 7th Dan Shitokai black belt certificate
Saturday, May 3, 2014


Brunei Karate Federation (BRUKAF) president Pg Hj Yura Kesteria Pg Setia Negara Dr Hj Md Yusof awarded Alwee See with the 7th Dan Shitokai black belt certificate at the Shitokai Honbu Dojo in Kiarong on Thursday.

"I am very happy to be awarded the 7th Dan black belt certificate from the president of BRUKAF and I hope that I will be able to contribute back to the society with the knowledge that I have," said See in an interview with The Brunei Times yesterday.

See - who represented the Sultanate during the 1987 edition of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games - was promoted to 6th Dan back in 2007.

"Martial arts is a very good exercise and it is also very good for self defence. I hope that the younger generation will come and train martial arts," continued See who is also the owner of the Busiido Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Kiarong.

See is also a chief instructor of the Shitoryu Karate Association of Brunei Darussalam and he currently provides karate classes at the Shitokai Honbu Dojo from Monday to Saturday at 6pm to 9pm.

Courtesy from Brunei Times