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Bruneians impress in Singapore
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 Bruneian 10-pin bowlers progressed to the second round of last week's Under-22 Asian Intercity Bowling Championship 2014 in Singapore.

The local youth bowlers proceeded through the gruelling two-day Master Qualifying stages which started last Friday and had a total of more than 50 bowlers compete - 20 from the overseas pool.

In the first round, Ak Mohd Ardhi Pg Omar Ali defeated Aqidah Azan of Singapore and Abu Khaledi Yussrri Abu Bakar eliminated Guam from the tournament when he defeated Paul Kaneshiro - allowing the two Bruneians a second round berth, according to a press release issued by Syu'aib Rafie, Youth & Development Executive of MegaStrike Bowl yesterday.

Ak Mohd Ardhi and Abu Khaledi Yussrri were unable to get past Singaporeans Darren Ong and Amanda Lee of Singapore - who made their way to the semi-finals.

Also competing in the event were bowlers from Guam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

The trip was the first time Brunei was represented in the event which is seen as a great platform for budding bowlers to receive high level bowling exposure.

Brunei was represented by three other junior bowlers in Singapore, all of whom were from the MegaStrike Youth team.

Courtesy from Brunei Times