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Kifli Hj Jaafar new BAAA chief
Monday, January 13, 2014
Kifli Hj Jaafar giving his first speech as the newly elected Brunei Amateur Athletics Association president during yesterday's AGM at the Dewan Kuliah of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas. BT/Syarif Rasani

A file photo of outgoing BAAA president Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Rahman Hj Mohiddin. BT file

Kifli Hj Jaafar was voted in as the new president of the Brunei Amateur Athletics Association (BAAA) during their Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday.

Fifty three members from the BAAA gathered at the AGM and all voted for Kifli to take over from Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Rahman Hj Mohiddin.

"I respect that the voters chose me so it is my responsibility to do my job as the president," said the newly elected president.

"We will decide on new plans in the next meeting we have because there is a lot to do, especially with the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games (in Brunei).

"I will also try to do the plans that were set by the previous executive council," added Kifli, who was the previous vice-president.

Kifli is also the head of the Sports Coaching and Development Unit under the Department of Youth and Sports.

The BAAA members also voted in Bakri Hj Bintang as the new vice-president after securing 38 votes at the Dewan Kuliah of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas.

BAAA will organise another meeting to pick a new secretary-general, vice secretary-general, treasurer and other posts.

Thirteen executive committee members were also awarded spots in the association.

The voting between the male and female members were cast separately, with 14 men vying for the 10 slots given and six women going for the remaining three.

The new appointed members are Major (R) Md Talip Hj Mohd Tahir, Roslan Manap, Pg Hj Khairil Anuar Pg DP Hj Damit, Mohamad Halimin Shahbuddin, Muhd Marwan Hj Mat Noor, Hj Omar Hj Mohamad Salleh, Md Shah Johan Hj Shari, Demingo Kapal, Lim Chee Wee, Fadillah Hj Nawi, Rohaidah Hassali, Siti Adia Tawang and Dk Aisah Pg Hj Hashim.

The ex-president admitted that he didn't manage to achieve the goals he set during his two year term.

"I failed to deliver in one specific area - producing athletes to compete," Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Rahman told The Brunei Times.

"The whole time I took over, it was always two people (Ak Hafiy Tajuddin Pg Rositi and Maziah Mahusin) that were sent here and there and so forth.

"I was looking for more than that but it seems that I failed to deliver (on that).

"At the end of the day, I'd like to put myself in the position to ask myself: have I produced athletes that can represent the country. I think I did not do that and I was hoping I could have done something about - it but there are a lot factors that may have affected the direction of my intentions.

"Being in an association as an NGO, (non-governmental organisation) you can't force people and it is very difficult financially.

"Without the help of the government, we can't do anything, to be honest.

"We did do a lot in the local scene, though, by organising lots of competitions.

"One first-ever achievement was receiving sanction fees (technical aspects of a competition) from helping out in a tournament.

"Another thing I regretted is that according to the statutes of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), every track and field event organised in the country must be sanctioned, which has yet to be enforced.

"What the authority (BAAA) can do is say they (organisers) can't organise the event without the sanctioning of the national body because this is a code of conduct.

"Once we do that (sanction all events) we will be recognised.

"I hope the new executive council for the next two years will do something about it and carry on with the jobs that have been done in the past and continue pursuing excellence," wished the former president.

Courtesy from Brunei Times