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Bruneian duo impress despite stumbles
Sunday, December 22, 2013

Abang Muhd Huzairie Abang Muhd Ali was stopped in the last-16 of Division 1 of the Singapore Squash Invitational Open 2013 last night after losing 3-0 to Sean Lim of Singapore.

Fellow Bruneian Muhd Kamaluddin Abu Bakar lost 2-0 to Dwi Putra of Indonesia in the plate category.

Muhd Kamaluddin finished 24th out of 64 players competing in the tournament while Abang Muhd Huzairie will be battling for 11th to 14th place today at the Kallang Court in Singapore.

"My game was alright, I was quite satisfied with it, but the opponent was too good, he picked up almost every shot, and I ran out of ideas to beat him," said Abang Muhd Huzairie in a phone-interview with The Brunei Times last night.

"In fact we Bruneians still lack a game plan and strategy when playing against better players... I put that down to us as having no coach to refer to especially during the 90-second break between each set.

"But overall I am quite satisfied with my performances and I will try to finish as high as possible," he added.

Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Japan, and Vietnam are among the countries competing for top honours in the tournament.

The tournament is played in accordance to the World Squash Federation (WSF) rules of world singles game and all decision are made final by the organiser of the tournament, the Singapore Squash Racquet Association (SSRA).

Courtesy from Brunei Times