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Sports School 'A' show why they're number one
Saturday, September 28, 2013

(Top) Sports School Council A
players pose for a photo with
their medals and trophies after
winning the Sepak Takraw Regu
Under-20 Youth Championship
yesterday at the Multipurpose
Hall of the Menglait Sports
Complex. (Above) Sports School
Council A (L) and Sports School
Council B players in action
during yesterday's final.
Pictures: BT/Saiful Omar

Sports School Council 'A's strong end to the match earned them the Sepak Takraw Regu Under-20 Youth Championship title after beating their 'B' counterparts 2-0 (17-15, 15-8) yesterday.

The teams were tied 5-5 in the second set of the all Sports School Council decider until Sports School Council 'A' finally took off half-way through and distanced the gap from 6-5 to 12-5.

Sports School Council 'B' tried to save themselves late into the game by making a change, and though they put up a slight fight to score three more points, it was too little too late.

Both sides showed a strong first set, equally challenging each other the whole way through at the Multipurpose Hall of the Menglait Sports Complex.

Sports School Council 'A' took an initial lead of 3-0 before Sports School Council 'B' got in their groove to tie the game at 3-3.

It was an evenly matched battle as Sports School Council 'B' tried to prove that they were worthy of the title as well.

Two substitutions were made by Sports School Council 'B' and one by Sports School Council 'A' before the second set started, and it seemed it like it was going to be a repeat of the first set with both teams going head-to-head until the 5-5 deadlock.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Hj Keria Hj Mamut said that experience and luck was on the Sports School Council 'A's side.

"The winning team is actually our senior team and second place was our junior team," explained Hj Keria, who coaches both sides.

"Sports School Council 'A' took part in the June 5th ASEAN School Games so they have a bit more experience.

"Half of all the players are in the process of getting ready for the ASEAN School Games in Philippines next year and it's good to know the training they do on Fridays and Sundays have gotten them this far.

"I think they both played at the same level but the senior team had luck on their side today," he added.

Sports School Council 'A' found their way into the final after taking three straight sets (15-10, 15-9, 15-7) against BIPA in the best of five sets.

Sports School Council 'B' secured their position after defeating Temburong 3-1 (15-11, 15-9, 10-15, 15-9).

Brunei Sepak Takraw Association (Pestabaru) president Pg Hj Ali Hassan Pg DSLJ Hj Abas handed out the trophies and medals to the winners.

BIPA and Temburong finished joint-third.

Courtesy from Brunei Times