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Miri offers to train with Brunei players
Friday, September 20, 2013

(Left to right) Muhammad
Shavez Cheema, Hj Mohd
Sufri Hj Abdul Hamid,
Abang Muhammad Huzairie
Abang Ali and Mohd
Kamaluddin Abu Bakar
posing for a group photo
with their medals during
the Sarawak Squash Circuit
at the Squash Academy in
Pei Lin Middle School in
Miri on Monday. Picture:
Courtesy of Muhammad
Shavez Cheema

Squash in Brunei has been given a shot in the arm after neighbouring Miri offered a hand to train with players from Brunei.

"We only have six to seven active squash players in Brunei, but over there are 60 to 70 of them,"said Muhammad Shavez Cheema, part of a victorious contingent from Brunei to take part and win honours at the Sarawak Squash Circuit on Monday.

"We have been invited by one of the coaches to train with them and we will accept the offer and starting next month we will go to Miri on a monthly basis to train," said in an interview with The Brunei Times on Tuesday.

"The squash players in Sarawak are very lucky, they have sponsors, associations and authorities supporting them in every way such as hiring private professionals, organising tournaments, and a youth programme, all of which is missing in Brunei," he said

"This is a very good opportunity for us." he added.

"It was a new experience for the players and it was great to meet so many talented squash people and also the tremendous support," said Muhammad Shavez.

Meanwhile, Abang Muhammad Huzairie who the coach of the Brunei team said: "It is great to finally bring back something to Brunei and I feel very proud for the boys as we made a very strong showing."

Hj Mohd Sufri Hj Abdul Hamid emerged as the champion of the men's open category of the Sarawak Squash Circuit.

Hj Mohd Sufri defeated compatriot Abang Muhammad Huzairie Abang Ali 3-0 in all Bruneian final at the Squash Academy in Pei Lin Middle School in Miri.

The other player representing Brunei in the men's open category, Vincent Lawrence also did very well after he managed to reach the semi-final, but lost 3-2 to Abang Muhammad Huzairi.

Meanwhile, Hj Sufri upset the first seed Tang Sai Hang from Sibu Sarawak 3-0 in the semi-final to set up an all-Bruneian final.

Meanwhile, two other Bruneians who competed in the Junior category, Muhd Shavez Cheema and Mohd Kamaluddin Bakar also fared better in the tournament.

Mohd Kamaluddin ended the tournament at 5th position while, Muhd Shavez finished 6th out of 16 contestants.

Courtesy from Brunei Times