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Bourne wants Brunei rugby to go back to basics
Friday, July 26, 2013

Brunei national rugby coach Ben Bourne believes that his players must work on the basics of the game if they are to improve their performances on the regional level.

In their recent tour to Phnom Penh, Brunei fell 38-0 and 28-0 to Cambodia in the Asian 5 Nations tournament earlier this month.

Though Bourne failed to produce favourable results, it would be unfair to point the finger solely at him.

The coach only had a month to put the team together and, despite losing both games, the team showed true grit and determination against a Cambodian side which spent a solid six months preparing for their Division 5 clash.

Both teams were on equal ground in terms of skill but Bourne noticed that the decisions and options Brunei made during their matches led to them failing to put up points on the board.

Bourne believes that the losses in Cambodia were good eye openers for the squad as it revealed to them their weaknesses and what must be done for them to improve.

"Brunei's rugby team are made up of a strong squad of some of the top players the country has to offer. Unfortunately there were a few contributing factors that they lacked and could have been more prepared for," Bourne said.

"These are their basic skills such as ball handling, kicking, tackling and communication... (all of which they) lacked in both their games.

"Their high percentage of miss tackles, drop balls from the ball carriers and inaccurate kicking gave away most of their possession," said the coach.

"Leadership was also a major downfall as there was no proper guidance to keep up and maintain the morale for the team.

"All in all, the team has the potential to be stronger and better," he said, adding that Brunei does offer some quality players in the back line but they lacked the confidence to be able to maximies their talents, such as the creativity and flair which they possess.

The team will have the opportunity to regroup and prove themselves for the inaugural Sabah Governors Cup invitational Rugby 15s from August 23 - 25.

Simple and plain, Bourne just wants to achieve better results in their next tour at the Likas Stadium in Kota Kinabalu.

Courtesy from Brunei Times