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Champion athlete needs job to keep him running
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

At present 400m specialist Ak
Hafiy Tajuddin Pg Rositi's biggest
concern is finding a job so that
he could continue his training
for Rio Olympics.Picture: BT file

The Country's three Olympians will now shift their attention to more pressing matters now that the euphoria from their record-breaking feats in London is slowly subsiding.

Both setting new national records, 400m runner Maziah Mahusin will resume her studies at Micronet International College while swimmer Anderson Lim Chee Wee returned to Bolles School in Florida, America, the perfect place for him to focus on swimming and studies.

But for 400m specialist Ak Hafiy Tajuddin Pg Rositi, finding a job is now his biggest concern.

The 21-year-old has shown immense promise since starting out six years ago, and over the past year, has clocked improved times during the World Indoor Championship in Istanbul in March, the Taiwan Athletic Open Championship in May and the 19th International Track & Field Championship in Vietnam in July.

Though he finished 45th in the field of 47 runners at the Olympic Stadium, the fact that he set a new personal best of 48.67 seconds goes to show that his ticket to London was well deserved.

But for him to keep improving, he needs to get a job that will allow him the financial security to keep training.

"I need support ... for medicine, supplements, shoes and other supplies," he said after arriving back in Brunei last Tuesday.

"I hope the Department of Youth and Sports will allow me to work with them.

"A job will help make training easier, and I'll also be more motivated," he added.

The need to secure the national athlete's financial future was made public after his race on August 4, when national coach Isidro del Prado suggested that Ak Hafiy be helped to get a stable job which will allow him to keep training a balance which his parents have also pushed for.

"They (Ak Hafiy's parents) want to see him succeed in both work and sports," said the coach in a press release.

No surprise, then, that the country's chef de mission (CDM) to the Games has also put his weight behind the proposal.

"In my capacities ... I will definitely try to help Ak Hafiy get a job," said Hj Mohd Zamri DP Hj Hamdani, who is also the vice-president of the Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council (BDNOC).

"BDNOC wants to help out as well and do the best we can," added the deputy director (II) at the Department of Youth and Sports after returning with the rest of the contingent on Tuesday.

Prior to his arrival back in Brunei, Hj Mohd Zamri DP Hj Hamdani said that the athletes who progressed to the semis of the 400m were in the 25-29 age-group bracket and since Ak Hafiy will be 25 during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it will be an ideal age for him to compete at the world's biggest stage again.

"Ak Hafiy is still young and has a bright future if he is continued to be supported by a high-performance training programme," said Hj Mohd Zamri DP Hj Hamdani in a press release.

"However, this dream (to compete in Rio de Janeiro) will only be achieved if there is a specific training programme catered for him right away.

"Just like del Prado, the secretariats feel that the relevant parties need to take the initiative to help Ak Hafiy get a job," he added.

Courtesy from Brunei Times