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Now, Indonesia wants Asian Games
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brunei athletes during the
opening ceremony of the 26th
SEA Games in Palembang,
Indonesia, last November.Jakarta
has said that it is now to host the
2019 planning Asian Games.

Less than two months after organising the 26th SEA Games, the Indonesian Youth and Sports Ministry is planning to bid for the 2019 Asian Games.

The move, however, has received different reactions from the Republic's athletes and sports associations.

According to the Jakarta Post online newspaper, the Indonesian Government was asked to give the matter deep thought, in terms of when to host a bigger event, given the fact that no evaluation of the recent SEA Games had been made.

Indonesia's No 1 beach volleyball player Koko Prasetyo Darkuncoro said the government needed to start preparations early to avoid the various delays which plagued the recent SEA Games.

"We have heard so many complaints from athletes of other countries over the quality of food served at the athletes' village during the event.

"Moreover, the menu did not have much variety and some foreign athletes even found worms in their dish! What was that about?" he asked.

Koko, who has competed in several multi-sporting events, also regretted the bad transportation services at the recent Games.

"In my past experiences during several SEA Games, Asian Games or Asian Beach Games, basic services were all well managed.

"In Thailand, they had everything we needed at the athletes village, so we did not have to go out (of the complex).

"Indonesians tend to procrastinate, it also happened during the SEA Games. The government needs to prepare better, because it's us who are embarrassed when we're not ready as host," he noted.

The recent SEA Games was considered successful in terms of sporting achievements.

However, the organisers were taunted with complaints over the lack of venue preparations which affected many events and schedules, and even the accommodation of athletes and officials.

However, the country's Youth and Sports Minister Andi Mallarangeng reaffirmed it was about time for Indonesia, who hosted 1962's Asian Games, to host another Asian Games.

Ministry secretary Djoko Pekik Irianto said the ministry had set about fulfilling the necessary procedures for a new competition bid.

Indonesian Cycling Association head Phanny Tanjung said hosting international sporting games in two cities meant a lot to both organisers and participants.

"Jakarta is a well-developed city, especially in sports infrastructure. Instead of taking such a huge risk by appointing a less-developed city, why not hold it in Jakarta? It is realistic."

In the recent SEA Games, Indonesia organised the biennial Games in two cities, namely Jakarta and Palembang.

Courtesy from Brunei Times