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Game over for Taufiq, Azri
Friday, November 18, 2011

Brunei cueists Ahmad Taufiq Murni had a disappointing campaign at the SEA Games. Pictures: BT/ Yee Chun Leong

Ak Md Saiful Azri Pg Roslee had
a disappointing campaign at the
SEA Games. Pictures:BT/ Yee
Chun Leong

The national cue sports team's disappointing campaign at the 26th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games was brought to an end yesterday.

The Brunei duo of Ahmad Taufiq Murni and Ak Md Saiful Azri Pg Roslee were dumped out of the 9-ball singles at the OPI Convention Centre in Palembang, Indonesia, yesterday.

Ahmad Taufiq, who is ranked 66 in the world according to the World Pool-Billiards Association, lost 4-9 to Jundel Mazon of the Philippines after his poor form in breaking.

It was a tall order for the Bruneian right from the start considering that Mazon is ranked 50th in the world.

Ahmad Taufiq got off on the right foot breaking clear in the first rack but his opponent would do the same in the following rack.

It was a close game, but with the scores tied at 2-2 the Bruneian failed to get good placement on the six-ball. The Filipino would reply with a safety resulting in Ahmad Taufiq fouling and the former clearing the table for a 3-2 lead.

Mazon was in good form and cleared from the break in the following rack, but Ahmad Taufiq would have a dry break. To make matters worse, the table was perfect for his opponent to clear.

It became a hill to climb for the 23-year-old Bruneian when Mazon once again cleared from the break in the next rack for a 6-2 advantage.

Ahmad Taufiq failed to get into form as he delivered another dry break and Mazon once again jumped on the opportunity.

The match looked over when the Filipino extended his cushion to 8-2. Ahmad Taufiq, however, managed to win the next two racks, but his third dry break of the match in the 13th frame sealed his fate.

"I thought I was hitting it right, but I don't know what happened to my breaks. It was alright at the start and I did try to adjust it but to no avail," said Ahmad Taufiq in an interview with The Brunei Times after the loss.

"My opponent played pretty well and I misjudged some of my shots. That gave him a good opportunity," he added.

"Overall I just didn't play well and couldn't get up to playing at my standard," continued the 23-year-old Bruneian.

In the second match, Ak Md Saiful Azri succumbed to a 5-9 loss to Thailand's Nitiwat Kanjanasri.

It was again a close affair with neither letting up at 5-5. Nitiwat would take the next rack right from the break and Ak Md Saiful Azri then missed pot on the five-ball that gifted the Thai a 7-5 lead.

Nitiwat then cleared from the break for an 8-5 lead in the next rack. It was game over for the Bruneian when he missed on the two-ball with a difficult cut in the 14th rack.

"I thought I had a good chance at winning the match when it got down to 5-5. I could have done better but just lacked cue ball control making it difficult after each break," said Ak Md Saiful Azri.

No medals have been won by the Sultanate in Palembang for the Nov 11-22 competition yet. The sepak takraw doubles team will have to shoulder the load as they compete at the Jakabaring Promotion Centre tomorrow.

Courtesy from Brunei Times