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Kempo to conclude tour of Brunei today
Wednesday, 9th February 2011

Kenshis demonstrating Randori.
Perkemi will conclude their Kempo
martial arts performance tour of
Brunei at the Universiti Brunei
Darussalam's male hostel at
1.30pm today. Picture:
BT/ Rudolf Portillo

The art of Shorinji Kempo was brought to the Belait district yesterday morning as the Indonesian Shorinji Kempo Federation (Perkemi) continued their tour of the four districts.

The exhibition, organised by the Department of Youth and Sports alongside the Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Committee was held at approximately 10 in the morning at the Mumong Sports Stadium in Kuala Belait.

The spirited display of the martial arts from the 16 Kenshis (disciples), fresh from their exhibition in the capital, was attended by approximately 100 or so people, including some 50 students from about 13 local schools.

The students and invited guests from various government agencies and associations observed as the Kenshis recited their oaths before performing a brief period of meditation.

"Here they offer a brief prayer for safety, as well as try to empty their minds," Indra Kartasasmita told The Brunei Times after the exhibition.

Indra is the Chief Director of Perkemi and one of the founders of the organisation which began in 1966.

He said that once their minds have been cleared of distractions, it is then that they will be able to reach the peak of their power.

After the initial preparation, the exponents then echoed their performance the day before at the Indoor Stadium in the capital, where they engaged in a full contact martial arts display that utilized both Goho (Hard techniques such as kicks and punches) as well as Juho (soft techniques such as drawing out and throwing).

The Kenshis demonstrated the techniques used in "Embu" and "Randori", both of which are Kempo events that will be contested during the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia.

In "Embu", sparring partners exchange roles between offense and defense, while in "Randori", exponents spar using a protective chestpiece, gloves and headgear and compete for points.

After the final display, Indra stepped onto the center stage to demonstrate some basic self defense techniques utilised in Kempo.

He explained, with the help of one of the Kenshi, where and how to engage an attacker in various situations using Kempo techniques.

Indra later then said that one of the factors which might discourage a beginner in the martial art of Kempo was the tedious nature of the basic training.

"Before we can even get into the easiest technique, the body must be molded, physically and mentally," he said, adding that the disciplies would need to learn how to meditate, and often would also engage in cleaning of Dojos as part of discipline during their training.

He however warned those interested in Kempo to never imitate what they see.

"These techniques are dangerous without proper training. A throw can easily break someone's head," he said.

Two exponents also later shared some comments on the martial art after their display.

Vanny Az-Zahara, who had started in 1998, said that she was excited to continue to their next exhibition in Tutong later that day.

She explained that for her, one of Kempo's important aspects was the strong relationships between masters and students.

"It's like a family," she said.

Rifki Andrian said that he first took up the art in 1999, ever since he was in elementary school.

He said that he had continued practicing Kempo because of the discipline the art offered.

"Anyone can take up Kempo, no matter what their physique is like to begin with," said Rifki.

"Learning it will eventually improve your physical condition."

Perkemi wrapped up the day with a visit to the Tutong Sports Complex after their exhibition in Belait.

They will resume showcasing the martial art at Temburong's Belalong Hall today at 8.30am, before concluding the tour at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam's male hostel at 1.30pm.

Courtesy from Brunei Times