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Brunei win 3 medals in gasing
Friday, 4th December 2009

IT was mission accomplished for Brunei who won two gold and one silver medals at the close of the gasing (top-spinning) competitions of the 3rd Borneo Games yesterday at the Gasing Arena of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex in Berakas.

Coached by Zanidi Hj Saban, the team had set a goal of winning medals in the traditional sport which has been included for the first time in the tournament hosted by the Sultanate for the first time.

Zanidi had said that he was targeting one gold, one silver and one bronze medal at this year's Borneo Games.

Asni Hj Adnan pocketed the gold in the singles event after defeating Zakaria Yussop from Labuan, who eventually bagged the bronze. Played in the round-robin format, Zakaria Ahmad of Sarawak claimed the

silver. The Brunei doubles team of Sapar Hj Rashid and Mohamad Ali Hj Latip had already won the doubles event after sweeping through their event on Wednesday.

The match saw the Sarawak pair of Nordin Mat and Hasidi Peri beat the duo of Mohd Asri Muslim and Ridzuan Napia of Sabah 8-5 to take the silver while the latter had to settle for the bronze.

The regu team with a reserve of Hj Nayan Hj Sisa, Kamis Hj Hashim, Jasni Hj Ompak, Misir Hj Berudin and Mohd Zarin Hj Rungging managed to get the silver after defeating the team from Labuan 8-0. Sabah had clinched the gold medal the day before after winning all their matches. Sarawak bagged the bronze.

"Winning the gold medals was a big achievement for us especially in the singles event because our player is still new," said Zanidi.

"About our training sessions, I think that we were able to apply what we learned during training and that resulted toa better performance during the Games," he added.

Zanidi also mentioned he was expecting the gold medal from the doubles since the pair from Brunei had also won the same event two years ago in Kuching, Sarawak.

"I was expecting the silver to come from the singles event while the bronze from the team event. So this is a great achievement as we bettered what we were aiming for," said Zanidi. "The players followed all the instructions that I gave them and I'm very satisfied with our victory."

When asked on what is next for the team, Zanidi replied: "This is a very talented batch of players. We will have to continue to train and hope to improve for future competitions."

Mohd Ali owed it all to their training and experience together with his partner, Sapar, that helped them keep their crown.

"It's good that we managed to defend our title. I think it's cause we have been training together for a while now and work together for it," said Mohd Ali.

"Our performance has been improving and it is very satisfying to be able to win gold again. Our opponents were very good and put up a strong challenge but I guess our teamwork helped us win," said Sapar.

Asni was equally delighted with his gold medal which he never expected.

"My opponent today (Thursday) put up a strong fight and it was difficult to get the points but it's great that I came through to win the gold," said Asni.

Meanwhile, Sabah, comprised of Anuar Ibrahim, Jamiel @ Jamail Harris, Hafis Napia, Moktar Julay and Rosdia Taib, beat Brunei 19-3, Labuan 6-3 and Sarawak 5-0 on their way to the title. They won the bronze two years ago in Sarawak.

"The result was exactly what we wanted as this was the event that we were targetting the gold," said Yassin Omar, manager of the Sabah gasing team.

The medals were presented by Pg Hj Bahrom Pg Hj Bahar, deputy permanent secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Courtesy from Brunei Times