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Women's team record their first victory
Thursday, 7th October 2010

A member of Brunei's women lawn
bowl team in action at the 19th
Commonwealth Games in New
Delhi yesterday. Picture: Infofoto

The national lawn bowling team avoided another tragedy when they stepped onto the pitch at the Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex in New Delhi yesterday.

The Group B pairs women team of Esmawandy Ibrahim and Siti Ervi Fedarussanti Umar captured the first victory of the day, defeating Jersey 4-1 in the tie breaker set after a 1-1 (6-4, 8-4) stalemate.

However, the duo were unable to reproduce the match winning form against Wales later in the day, losing 2-0 (6-7, 4-11).

Meanwhile, the triples men's team of Yakup Amit, Md Ali Bujang and Hj Rosli Hj Ibrahim were unable to exert any pressure against their Group A opponents, tumbling 0-2 against New Zealand (3-10, 3-10) and Australia (1-14, 3-12) respectively.

Hjh Lilymaryani Ampuan Salleh, Hjh Fatmah Hj Ibrahim, Hjh Ajijah Muntol lost to Canada in the tie break set at 1-5 after winning the first set 8-6, only for their opponent to claim the second at 7-6 in Group A womens triples action. Later they lost against neighbouring country Malaysia 0-2 (6-9, 3-11).

Hj Naim Brahim and Abd Rahman recovered from defeat against Scotland (18-1, 2-10, tie-break 4-0) to claim a win against Swaziland 2-0 (5-4, 17-2).

The national lawn bowlers still have another chance to redeem themselves with seven more matches slated today.

Hjh Lilymaryani, Hjh Fatmah and Hjh Hajijah will try to fry Cook Islands, before taking on Papua New Guinea in Group As women triples event.

Compatriots Hj Naim and Abd Rahman take on Group A foes Northern Ireland and Canada, while Esmawandy and Siti Ervi Fedarussanti only have Guernsey to deal with in Group Bs pairs women.

In the mens triples action, Yakup, Md Ali and Hj Rosli take on hosts India and Wales. The Sultanate's sole para-athlete, Alihan Muda, will finally make his debut at the 19th Commonwealth Games, thrown into the mix in the F34 shot put event at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium today.

Courtesy from Brunei Times