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Anti-doping lecture for swimmers today
Friday, August 15, 2014

The Brunei Darussalam Anti-Doping Committee (BDADC) will be holding a lecture from 9am to 11am at the Brunei Sports School Lecture room today.

National aquatics coach Eric Landa was the brains behind organising the presentation as he sees the importance of educating swimmers, coaches, parents and other aquatics enthusiast on the dangers of doping. BDADC will be touching on a number of topics related to doping, its testing methods and the responsibility of athletes and coaches to make sure aquatics in Brunei remains a pure and clean sport.

The attendees will also be briefed on whether they are allowed to use medication that is prescribed by doctors. Coach Landa will also share why he is strongly against the use of supplements.

BDADC will also touch on the role of Brunei's Sports Medical Research Centre in anti-doping. Swimmers above the age of 12 who are likely to or have already taken part in international competitions are highly encouraged to attend the lecture.

Courtesy from Brunei Times