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Team Brunei get support from 3 companies
Friday, July 20, 2012

BNOC president HRH Prince
Hj Sufri Bolkiah (L) and Royal
Brunei Airlines' Deputy
Chairman Dermot Mannion (R)
Picture: BT/ Saiful Omar

RBA, TelBru and Mitsui Consortium sponsor Brunei Olympic team

Three companies yesterday pledged to contribute to the country's 2012 London Olympics effort by providing airfare and apparel.

Representatives of Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA), Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) and Mitsui Consortium signed sponsorship agreements with the Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council (BNOC), who was represented by its secretary-general Hj Zuraimi Hj Abdul Sani during the ceremony at the International Convention Centre in Berakas.

The signing was witnessed by BNOC president HRH Prince Hj Sufri Bolkiah, who thanked the three companies for their help.

"This sponsorship is very meaningful to BNOC and I hope that such a sponsorship will be offered again in the future ... as we work together to take care of our country's athletes," he said before handing the national flag to the contingent's chef de mission Hj Muhd Zamri DP Hj Hamdani.

Flying the flag in London in exactly one week's time will be swimmer Anderson Lim Chee Wei and 400-metre specialists Ak Hafiy Tajuddin Pg Rositi and Maziah Mahusin the latter receiving world-wide coverage after being confirmed as the first female athlete the country will be sending to the Olympics.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, RBA's Deputy Chairman was delighted that the airlines will be playing a key role in the team's journey to the July 27-Aug 12 sporting extravaganza.

"The Olympics is a wonderful occasion for sports and it's a wonderful thing that Brunei is involved," said Dermot Mannion.

"As the national carrier, we are very proud to be able to support the team," he said, adding that RBA will also be sponsoring the Paralympic team.

Brunei is among the 16 countries that will be making its debut at the Paralympics, with Shari Hj Juma'at set to represent the country at the Aug 29-Sept 9 tournament.

For TelBru's Acting CEO Hj Sairul Rhymin Hj CA Mohamed, its decision to sponsor the team's attire is nothing new.

TelBru also decked out the national athletes at last year's Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Indonesia, where Brunei was represented by 60 athletes in 11 sports. Though the Sultanate finished last in the 11-team table with four silver and seven bronze medals, TelBru's commitment to the national team is unwavering.

"We believe in our youth," stressed Hj Sairul Rhymin.

"We would like them to do the best they can, and to do that, they need to have the best attire," he said, adding that "there will be more (sponsorships) in the future."

Like Hj Sairul Rhymin, Satoshi Ando said Mitsui who is providing the shorts, shirts and spikes for the runners will be looking to continue its involvement with Brunei sports in the coming years.

"We sponsor a lot of events in Japan ... but this is our first time in Brunei," said Ando, Mitsui & Co Gas Chemicals' Representative Director.

"We want to have a long-term commitment in Brunei sports and we want to do more in various fields in the future.

"Our company was just registered this year so 2012 is a memorable year for us and a remarkable one for Brunei who will be sending its first female athlete to the Olympics," he added during an interview.

Courtesy from Brunei Times