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Brunei's wushu kids ready for Asia's best
Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lee YingShi, one of the wushu
exponents to represent Brunei
in Shanghai,China, next week.
Picture: BT

Brunei are fully prepared for next week's 6th Asian Junior Wushu Championships in Shanghai, China.

The Wushu Federation of Brunei Darussalam (WFBD) is sending seven Under-18 exponents to the Aug 17-21 meet, and they have been training for the five-day meet since they got back from the last edition in 2009.

"We have been preparing for this meet for two years ... We started since we got back from the fifth edition in Macau in 2009," said the national team's assistant coach Ang Lu Guan, who will also serve as a judge in Shanghai.

"Now that it's Ramadhan we have been training for three hours every afternoon, until 5.30pm when the hall (Multipurpose Hall of the Menglait Sports Complex) closes.

"Sometimes when it closes we go outside and work on physical training. But before Ramadhan we would train for four hours six days a week so they are definitely ready.

"Right now we are working on completing movements ... The area movements of each routine. We are also training on improving their stamina for them to complete their routine.

"The aim for them is to get more experience and exposure competing at this level ... We did well in Macau and we will be going to Shanghai to try and better that tally," he said when met at the team's training yesterday.

The country won two bronze medals in Macau.

Brunei will be represented in Shanghai by Lee YingShi, 17, in the changquan (long fist) and daoshu (sword) category and Karyn Ho Chia Yin, 16, in the changquan (long fist), jianshu (swordplay) and qiangshu (spear) categories.

Brothers Mohd Sufi Shayiran Roslan, 13, Mohd Adi Sya'rani Roslan, 12, and Mohd Adi Salihin Roslan, 11, will feature for the country once again.

Mohd Sufi Shayiran will contest the nanquan (Southern fist) and nandao (Southern broad sword) events, Mohd Adi Sya'rani the changquan and jianshu events and Mohd Adi Salihin the changquan and daoshu events.

Ang Guat Lian, 13, and Dk Nurwardinna Pg Hj Aji, 10, complete the list of athletes.

The former will see action in the taijiquan (taiji fist) and taijijian (taiji double-edged sword) events while the latter has been registered to compete in the changquan and qiangshu events.

The team will be headed by national coach Li Hui.

One of the country's most accomplished exponents, 19-year-old Faustina Woo Wai Sii will not be taking part since she is over the age limit.

Except for Dk Nurwardinna, who is making her debut, the other exponents have all represented Brunei before.

The team's last international outing saw them bag four gold, four silver and four bronze medals at the Xinjiang International Wushu Tournament in China from May 13-15.

The competition came at the tail-end of a 40-day intensive training stint at the Shanghai Sports Complex where the federation sent six exponents four of whom will be seeing action next week.

Mohd Adi Sya'rani pocketed two silver medals in the changquan and jianshu events while older brother Mohd Sufi Shayiran won the country's first gold when he took the changquan title before adding a bronze in the daoshu category.

Woo was the biggest winner for Brunei at the tournament with two gold medals from nandao and nanquan events. She also bagged a silver together with partner Lee in the duilian (duo sparring with broadsword and spear) event. Lee also managed a bronze in the changquan event.

Ho won another gold in the changquan discipline and added a bronze medal in the jianshu event while Harris Adli Peranchis won silver and bronze in nangun (southern cudgel) and nanquan respectively.

The team were sent to Shanghai to work on their skills ahead of the 26th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Indonesia in November. Wushu is one of the sports shortlisted for the Nov 11-22 biennial tournament.

WFBD is also eyeing the 11th World Wushu Championships in Turkey from Oct 6-15.

Courtesy from Brunei Times